Thursday In-Feed: Success in native advertising

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What does success look like in native advertising?

Depending on who you speak to, or where you are, there is a lot of debate about what, if anything, a universal native advertising metric should look like.

There are a lot of options to choose, ranging anywhere from traditional view and click metrics, through to engagement metrics around shares, dwell time, bounce rate and referrals. Should native follow TV models of reach and frequency?

Something similar to gross rating points. Will programmatic native standardise units of performance?

Or should we look at the possibility of establishing a new ‘relationship metric’ for native, something that measures everything – views, clicks, engagement and reach – to create a universal measure.

Advertisers are keen to define success beyond simply clicks and views. There is also a genuine appetite among publishers, tired of chasing views and clicks online, to establish a new metric in their favour. Establishing what that metric looks like is of course the real challenge.

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Top tweets of the week

“We have to rethink how the ad server works if we want to take full  advantage of programmatic” @bokelley #AppNeusSummit

“In our recent programmatic trust study – 92% of publishers thought viewability was good for their business” @Tshields #IABAdOps

#Programmatic will increase its share in 2015 as more traditional and innovative marketers begin to adopt it ~ @geoff_deweaver #bigdata

What’s changed in native advertising: ‘people are really focusing more on how the content is consumed’

“The Power of Performance in Native Advertising” by @dalelovell on @LinkedIn …

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