Thursday In-Feed: How can advertising be less annoying?

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Your Thursday In-Feed is finally here!

How can advertising be less annoying?

The advent of social networks, mobile browsing and programmatic trading have revolutionised our view of the digital ad marketplace in recent years.

Digital ad-spend continues to rise, yet it’s no secret that many traditional media outlets are struggling to find a viable business model in the ever-changing flux of the digital ad space. Mistakes have been made along the way. Some media owners have embraced a myriad of different ad formats; packing their real estate with intrusive ads that can suck up mobile bandwidth in the process.

As we enter an era of programmatic; where centralised data streams and immersive content experiences combine in a platform agnostic environment, the question we need to ask as an industry is not ‘how can we stop the ad-blockers?’ but ‘how can we be less annoying?’

Measurement, ad-blocking, ad-fraud and viewability are all topics and hurdles that the industry needs to address, but as an advertising format that works across any device, respects the consumer and has the key principles of publishing at it’s core – to share content that your target audience will enjoy – native advertising ticks a lot of those boxes.

1 Digital Ad Spend Soars

Warc has reported a 5.8% increase in digital ad spend during the first six months of 2015, with this figure set to rise further.

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2. Progrommatic Buying

AOL have revealed that a staggering 91% of brands and agencies are now buying programmatically, with video ad buying set to dominate.

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3. Digital Video & Programmatic

US TV buyers are beginning to embrace programmatic as users media consumption soars.

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4. Working with Programmatic

The IAB found programmatic accounted for £960 million of the £2.13 billion spent in digital in 2014. 

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5. Ads: Less is More

The Guardian has revealed its advertising moto, telling agencies they should be doing more with less…

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Tweets of the week:

For publishers, native advertising continues to be a success, while mobile ads are still tricky territory …

Trust and transparency are key to consumers when seeing editorials and native advertising #CMAdigital

Small or large, brands are betting big on programmatic ads this holiday season:

RT @Adyoulike: Spain consumers turn to native ads according to IAB Spain  #programmatic

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