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1. What can be delivered via native?

Native advertising is all about ensuring the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. Adyoulike is able to deliver traffic, branded content, video and programmatic native ads across a wide range of premium publishers.

2. What are the full creative assets of a native aD?

The key for native ads is that they match the look and feel of the feed in which they are placed. In order to do this, our ads require a headline, image, description and arguably most importantly a disclosure – you don’t want to mislead anyone!

3. What version of OpenRTB allows for the trading of native advertising programmatically?

The introduction of programmatic via OpenRTB 2.3 or above has caused a major change in the native advertising space as it allows native ads to be targeted, optimised, and transacted on a real-time basis, reducing the workload on publishers and advertisers.

4. Which of these allow for brand safety within native advertising?

High profile controversies have got a lot of people thinking about brand safety recently, and this has made marketers more conscious of its importance. Blacklists, whitelists and ad verification software are all present within native advertising so ads do not end up being placed anywhere they shouldn’t be.

5. What is the legal disclosure notice for a native ad?

With so many things competing for our attention with the growing prominence of smartphones, wearable technology and tablets, consumers are more eager than ever for advertisers to be responsible and transparent. As a result, all native ads use wording that demonstrates a commercial arrangement is in place, such as ‘promoted by’, ‘advertisement’, or ‘sponsored by’.

6. What are the average CTRs of a native ad?

Adyoulike’s own figures show that the average click through rate of a native ad is between 0.5% and 1%. However, by using clever targeting and the right creatives it’s possible to see a notable improvement.

7. How much is native advertising predicted to grow by in 2017?

Native advertising has grown massively of late and an eMarketer study released earlier this year revealed that the market is expected to surpass £22 billion in 2017.

8. Native advertising will account for what percentage of US display ad investment this year?

The growth in native advertising is also reflected in the US, and is set to account for 53% of all US display ad investment in 2017, again based on the eMarketer figures from earlier this year.

9. Which of these major European nations is predicted to spend the most on digital advertising in 2020?

The UK continues to be Europe’s leading market when it comes to digital advertising and our own research suggests this will continue through to 2020, when $5.8 billion will be invested in native advertising. The German market is expected to reach $4.4 billion, while the French market is expected to more than double in four years to $1.1 billion.

10. What AI technology has Adyoulike incorporated into its DNA platform?

Adyoulike has recently integrated with IBM Watson to create a native tool called Words – an
exclusive semantic targeting solution. The AI delivers unique contextual targeting by constantly scanning, exploring and analysing content in our network of premium publishers. By looking for topics, sentiments and semantics, rather than just keywords, it allows our platform to deliver content in-feed in the most relevant and targeted way possible.

11. What are most native advertising campaigns booked for?

Native advertising offers a wide range of benefits to advertisers including branding, direct response, prospecting and retargeting.

12. How can artificial intelligence enhance native advertising?

For native advertising, context is everything. By integrating IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence,
Adyoulike has been able to create a powerful semantic targeting tool which allows us to analyse and profile existing content in a way that was previously not possible, providing a wealth of contextual data that not only examines what a publisher is writing about, but also looks at why.

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