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How The AI Revolution Leads To Innovation In The Ad World

In Digital Advertising, Artificial Intelligence September 11, 2017 By Elise Cances 3 min read

Adotas and General Manager U.S. at ADYOULIKE Francis Turner sat down to discuss how artificial intelligence is changing the ad world.


The psychology behind stories: what ALL digital advertisers need to know

In Digital Advertising June 14, 2017 By Dale Lovell 4 min read

Stories play an important role in how our brains store memories and organize information. As science and artistry become ever-more entwined in our marketing efforts, its time for digital advertisers to sit up and take stories seriously.


It is time Ad-tech stands up for itself

In Digital Advertising April 12, 2017 By Dale Lovell 2 min read

From the recent accusations that programmatic adverts, featuring some of the world’s top brands, have accidentally funded terrorism and promoted divisive discourse, ad-tech has come in for a lot of criticism lately. But it’s time for ad tech to...


ADYOULIKE Adds IAS Fraud-Protection Tech

Aiming to ensure native ad impressions are protected from fraud, native ad-tech platform Adyoulike said it integrated anti-fraud technology from Integral Ad Science (IAS). Adyoulike sees the move as a step toward brand safety, protecting...