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Native Advertising and Brand Content: Different but Complementary

In Native Advertising, Digital Advertising December 19, 2017 By Marie Sellier 5 min read

Although they are often used interchangeably, the concepts of Native Advertising and Brand Content are different and can supplement one another.

Understanding the differences, and more importantly, the complementarity and interdependence of the...


How The AI Revolution Leads To Innovation In The Ad World

In Digital Advertising, Artificial Intelligence September 11, 2017 By Marie Sellier 3 min read

Adotas and General Manager U.S. at ADYOULIKE Francis Turner sat down to discuss how artificial intelligence is changing the ad world.


The psychology behind stories: what ALL digital advertisers need to know

In Digital Advertising June 14, 2017 By Dale Lovell 4 min read

Stories play an important role in how our brains store memories and organize information. As science and artistry become ever-more entwined in our marketing efforts, its time for digital advertisers to sit up and take stories seriously.


It is time Ad-tech stands up for itself

In Digital Advertising April 12, 2017 By Dale Lovell 2 min read

From the recent accusations that programmatic adverts, featuring some of the world’s top brands, have accidentally funded terrorism and promoted divisive discourse, ad-tech has come in for a lot of criticism lately. But it’s time for ad tech to...


ADYOULIKE Adds IAS Fraud-Protection Tech

Aiming to ensure native ad impressions are protected from fraud, native ad-tech platform Adyoulike said it integrated anti-fraud technology from Integral Ad Science (IAS). Adyoulike sees the move as a step toward brand safety, protecting...