We are thrilled to announce the release of our new features with Native Creative 2.0, which has the aim of enhancing the native environment on publishers websites and increase engagement between consumers and native ads.

This new move to Native Creative 2.0 provides added features to advertisers and publishers in developing more engaging experiences by delivering higher levels of visualisation from native ad units and an increase in interactivity from users.

These new creative features will also be available for native video and native mobile. Features such as 'sound off, autoplay video' will ensure that the native unit is fully integrated into publishers' native content environment where brands can benefit from longer visibility and users will be able to discover the advertisers content but also engage with other publisher content. This will enable the increase of levels of call-to-action, brand awareness and the possibility to discover additional brand content.

This will increase call-to-action, brand awareness and brand content discovery.

Once again, with Native Creative 2.0, we wish to demonstrate that we are at the forefront of native and that we keep on pushing boundaries to develop new innovative ways that advertisers and publishers can benefit from; such as recently seen with the integration of IBM Watson's AI semantic tool into our platform. We want this innovation to represent our commitment to developing the next phase of creative native advertising.

By ensuring that the native ad unit meets the creative needs of the advertiser and the publisher, campaigns will have the ability to deliver higher quality native content and Native Creative 2.0 will leverage the creative palette of native campaigns.

Francis Turner, General Manager (GM), US and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of ADYOULIKE, said: "The launch of Native Creative 2.0 has the objective to help tackle the challenges brands, agencies and publishers face in regards to creativity - by enabling these to create native ad campaigns that boost creativity while delivering the engagement brand awareness and ROI levels advertisers expect."

Native Creative 2.0 from ADYOULIKE on Vimeo.

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