How has Native Advertising in programmatic evolved in the last six months?

Advancements in Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) have helped standardize and simplify the purchase and sale of native formats. DSPs (such as DBM or AppNexus) have introduced creative modules that allow the implementation of native format in their platform. SSPs made it possible to guarantee a polymorphic diffusion based on the three simple elements composing native advertising (image, title and description – as per IAB standards). From now on, advertising will automatically adapt according to the location and design of the publisher site. There is no need to plan several creatives for each native actor! Finally, to address the concerns of advertisers and trading desks, native SSPs can now measure the visibility of formats via third parties such as IAS or Adloox.

How has the sector addressed the need for transparency of buyers?

Today, the theft of domain names is damaging the entire programmatic ecosystem, which is why it is necessary to offer a new guarantee of security: measures of visibility, brand safety and fighting against ad fraud is not enough. In order to reduce market risk, IAB has launched ads.txt: a simple, reliable and flexible way to declare authorized partners to sell an inventory. This initiative will make it possible to secure programmatic purchases on both the supply side and the demand side by ensuring full transparency of transactions. Thanks to the ads.txt file, programmatic actors (advertiser, trading desk and DSP) can see who is officially authorized to sell impressions and only buy the ones they are interested in.

How do you see the future of Native Advertising in programmatic?

Programmatic Native will still experience tremendous technological breakthroughs in the coming weeks and months. Native video should arrive early next year because the DSPs advance very quickly on this format, whose demand is growing strongly. Semantics will also allow us to make the contextual diffusion of our campaigns, which is very important in Native Advertising, more and more precise. It will be another step towards brand safety. And, of course, Header Bidding will disrupt the ecosystem within six months, thanks to its simplicity of technical implementation and the added value it unquestionably brings to publishers looking to optimize their revenues.


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